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This is a database of all vendors, contracts, and payments that have been posted by the municipal government of the City of Chicago to the Vendor, Contract, and Payment Search lookup tool maintained by the Department of Procurement Services.

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This is by no means a complete list of entities making money from the City. It's just a useful way to see information that is already published, and used extensively by journalists, but not readily available to the public.


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Most recent payments in our database

Great Hope Family Center 2101$135161.72
Exelon Services, Inc. 1968$4980.00
Residential Recovery Prog. Llc D1948551349$727800.00
Chicago Free Press T26195$1992.87
R.B.C. Community Service Centr 7918$36308.00
R.B.C. Community Service Centr 3130$25000.00
R.B.C. Community Service Centr 18564$18637.46
R.B.C. Community Service Centr 1296$21875.00
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 9966$284691.06
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 8376$87628.55
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 18427$104496.00
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 181$868606.60
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 16678$186552.00
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 15559$263808.00
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 13960$152460.00
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 13086$262056.00
Alliance Rehab, Inc. 11116$136852.55
New Life Family Services D9952370777$37987.05
New Life Family Services D1990251561$83043.22
New Life Family Services D1990251499$137834.16
New Life Family Services D1952370360$312114.22
New Life Family Services D0990250988$121879.86
New Life Family Services D0952372012$131215.47
New Life Family Services 2129$282285.00
New Life Family Services 18825$61741.25
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk D2952390860$441081.03
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk D2952390786$38117.22
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk D1952390428$53400.00
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk D0952390296$191172.70
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 9098$396104.56
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 9092$316422.56
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 3647$49500.00
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 272$54000.00
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 2033$72927.87
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 19247$14400.00
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 17036$86400.00
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 16570$14200.00
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 14792$260923.30
North Lawndale Employment Ntwk 13342$90000.00
Alpha Engineering Services T24324$8280.00
Dancemates 18018$935.00
South Park Plaza, Lp. 4664$7706691.00
Near South Family Life Center Center Collaborative D0961205168$20000.00
Willing & Able Todo Rght Found Thing Foundation D1990251455$22653.25
Main Street Communications S028477$8500.00
Chicago Metropolis 2020 C030075$147947.50
Miracle Center 7892$28074.41
Miracle Center 3165$30659.52
Miracle Center 1295$17249.80
Gale Finance, Inc. 4679$9750.00
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co D2961205961$18817.15
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 7222$29711.58
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 483$24127.97
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 3262$30994.05
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 16299$54143.21
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 16249$59054.13
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 14312$48904.27
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 13874$71985.10
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 11163$46222.27
Austin Chamber Of Commerce. Dev. Co 10503$36975.00
Streeterville Chamber Commerce D2961206038$48304.50
Streeterville Chamber Commerce D1961205549$51434.54
Streeterville Chamber Commerce D0961205148$12499.97
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 7330$48371.91
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 472$57000.00
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 3361$57000.00
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 19038$23398.42
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 16351$62400.00
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 13928$65000.00
Streeterville Chamber Commerce 10615$43211.26
Diverse Communications & Health Media Foundation, Inc. D1948551226$113898.12
Fence Builders Of Illinois Inc T26108$70573.20
Fadesign S028836$2813.98
Impact! Signs & Graphics S028831$352.40
Impact! Signs & Graphics S028381$6357.12
Impact! Signs & Graphics 1321$4524.00
Group Catalysts S026960$3000.00
Lakeside Constr.Supply T24141$99915.45
P C Mart (U.S.A.), Inc. S023917$660.00
P C Mart (U.S.A.), Inc. S023822$4700.00
South Shore Chamber, Inc D9961200997$22214.96
South Shore Chamber, Inc D2961206035$30634.43
South Shore Chamber, Inc D1961205547$20628.81
South Shore Chamber, Inc D0961205146$21239.08
South Shore Chamber, Inc 7328$17553.61
South Shore Chamber, Inc 470$30000.00
South Shore Chamber, Inc 3359$29573.04
South Shore Chamber, Inc 16278$31700.00
South Shore Chamber, Inc 13845$32980.19
South Shore Chamber, Inc 10613$21630.11
Bollinger,Lach & Assoc. Inc. 4623$219288.44
Bollinger,Lach & Assoc. Inc. 14605$123306.77
Bollinger,Lach & Assoc. Inc. 12332$145431.75
Bollinger,Lach & Assoc. Inc. 12315$100575.17
Elastic Events C027431$34027.50
Northwind Midway Collection 2657$14581519.00
Children'S Advocacy Center 5728$4725000.00
Westside Community Services D2990252102$14854.45
Westside Community Services 3197$26979.68
Westside Community Services 1331$21870.00