About the source data

Original data

All of the data on this site is from the Vendor, Contract, and Payment Search lookup tool maintained by the Department of Procurement Services maintained by the municipal government of the City of Chicago.

Some caveats

This data is by no means complete. In their excellent reporting on the long-term parking meter lease executed by the City of Chicago, Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke of the Chicago Reader pointed out just one example where this database falls down:

"As evidence of their commitment to “transparency,” Daley administration officials often point to the city’s Department of Procurement Services Web page, which includes a searchable database of city contracts, contractor records, and payment histories.
"but the site doesn’t include any information about William Blair’s work on the parking meter deal. Nor does it say anything about Gardner Rich or Ramirez & Company. Mark Hands said the information wasn’t in the database because the firms were selected not through a procurement process but by the city’s budget office."

You are strongly encouraged to consider the source database and this Web site as aids in investigation rather than authoritative for City spending.

We have made every effort to pull all data from the City Web site and display it here on CityPayments, but it is entirely possible that we've missed data or made mistakes. Please let us know if we did by sending an email to info@citypayments.org.

This data is presented with no warranties, guarantees, or promises. We will endeavor to keep it current. If you are looking for the authoritative story on what the City of Chicago says about procurement, please visit the City Web site or call 311. Take a look at the Chicago Municipal Code for more information.